How to Change Innacomm W3400V User’s Password ?

Innacomm W3400V

To change Innacomm W3400V user’s password:-

1. Connect your computer with Innacom W3400V router, either through LAN cable or Wireless connection. I suggested you connect through LAN cable, since the connection is more stable.

2. Open a web browser, e.g. Chrome or Mozilla.

3. Type in on the address bar.

4. Log in to the router’s management console by using tmadmin credentials. Username is tmadmin and the password is tmadmin.

Router Login Page

5. Once, you been logged in, click Management on the left-hand side menu, then click Access Control and then Passwords.

Change Router's Passwords

6. An Access Control – Password management page will be opened. On the page, select which user’s password that you want to change by selecting on the drill-menu on the Username field.

7. Type-in the current user’s password on the Old Passwords.

8.Specify the new password on New Password and Confirm Password fields. For the password, ensure that the password do not contain any special characters, such as ~!@#$%^&*(). Even, the system accept those characters for your new password, but the log in page will reject those characters. Thus, you will not able to log in to the router any more. In case this happened, please proceed to this post, How to Change Innacomm W3400V User’s Password through SSH ?, to reset back your password without even resetting the router’s configuration.

9. Click Save / Apply, then you will be automatically logged out from the page and will be directed to the log in page.

10. Try to log in with the new user’s credential.


What is Innacomm W3400V Default Usernames and Passwords?

Innacomm W3400V

Innacomm W3400V is a free wireless modem router given by TM for the Streamyx subscriber.

Basically, there are three users inside the router, which are tmadmin, tmuser, and support. So far, I have not found out the password for support. Thus, usernames and passwords for Innacomm W3400V are:-

1. tmadmin, password: tmadmin.

2. tmuser, password: tmuser.

You can use those credentials to log in to the router either through web browser or SSH.