How to Configure Port Forwarding on Innacomm W3400V ?

Innacomm W3400V

Port forwarding enables users or certain applications to gain access to a computer or a server on a specific ports. For example, you have a web server which is served the web application on port 8080 and then you want other people to be able to access your web, but only from web browser, that means other people can just open their web browser, type-in the URL address i.e., without specifying the port details.

To configure port forwarding on Innacomm W3400V:-

1. Ensure that you were connected to the router.

2. Open a web browser and go to

Innacomm Login Page

3. Log in to the router management by using tmadmin credentials.

4. Click Advanced Setup > NAT > Virtual Servers on the left-hand side menus.

NAT - Virtual Servers

5. Once the NAT – Virtual Servers Setup page is loaded, click Add.

6. Tick the Custom Service, specify the name for this configuration e.g. My_Web_Server.

Add new entry

7. On the Server IP Address field, you need to specify the targeted computer’s or server’s IP address e.g. So, you should configure you computer or server with a static IP address instead of using DHCP IP address.

8. On the External Port Start field, you have to specify the port number that you want to be accessible from outside network e.g. port 80.

9. If you want to have multiple accessible ports from outside network, you have to specify the end range of the port on the External Port End field. E.g. you want to have accessible port from 80 – 90, then you need to type-in 90 on the external port end field. On the other hand, if you just want to have one specific accessible port, you just need to type-in the same number as the number on the External Port Start field e.g. 80.

10. Specify the protocol on the Protocol drill-down, you can choose between TCP,UCP,or both TCP / UDP.

11. Specify the destination port (the port on your computer that runs for that particular service) on the Internal Port Start e.g. 8080.

12. Similar with theΒ  External Port Start, if you have a range of internal ports, you have to specify the last port in the range on the Internal Port End field e.g. 8090. But, if you only have one external port, this field will be disabled automatically.

13. Once you have done, click Apply / Save.

14. Your new entry will be listed on the NAT – Virtual Servers list.

NAT Lists


19 Responses to How to Configure Port Forwarding on Innacomm W3400V ?

  1. cresando says:

    Hey,can you tell me how to port foward bittorent? Is it the same method as above?

  2. Cresando says:

    7.2.1 . How bout the ip address?must it be static?

    • It should be, you might set your laptop / PC IP address to be static. That should be good.

      • Cresando says:

        Okay,thanks. I’ve tried before to use static ip address but the result is,i cannot access my internet anymore.Would you mind give me proper guide to do that? One more thing, About the protocol for NAT – Virtual Servers,should i set to TCP/UDP?

      • How did you set the static IP ? If you cannot access internet with static IP that means your IP address is wrong. For the protocol, you should set it as TCP/UDP (both).

  3. Cresando says:

    I follow this guide . .But i’m kinda loss when to choose
    1 : Default Gateway
    2 : Prefered DNS Server
    3 : Alternate DNS Server

    • 1 : Default Gateway –> Your Router IP Address normally
      2 : Prefered DNS Server –> Your Router IP Address normally
      3 : Alternate DNS Server –> Leave it blank

      If you want to be able browse the websites that are banned by Streamyx, e.g., and etc. You should use Google Open DNS, configure your DNS as follows:-
      2 : Prefered DNS Server –>
      3 : Alternate DNS Server –>

      • Cresando says:

        Thanks.Seriously,you’re being a great help. Already post this question at other site but most of them is
        just unreliable.Anyway,thanks again.

  4. jslim89 says:

    I have try to follow your method here
    External port Start & End both put 81
    Protocol is TCP
    Internal port Start is 81
    Server IP address is

    When I type 124.x.x.x:81 on browser, it doesn’t redirect to my my local.

  5. sukri says:

    Hi bro Satys, I already configured my port forwarding for my dvr but the modem did not detect/communicate with dvr. Need help. tq

  6. steven says:

    how to port forwarding to play minecraft ?

    • Redianto S. says:

      I guessed you are trying to establish your own minecraft server.
      For minecraft, you only need to forward port 25565 and protocol TCP/UDP.
      Cheers πŸ™‚

  7. Afiq says:

    Hi, after i login i don’t see “Advanced Setup” tab
    any help pls?

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